We Have the Equipment You Need…

El Dorado Clinic has a full ensemble of cutting-edge diagnostic services and equipment at our disposal. Whether you need an X-ray to check on a broken bone in the process of healing or are looking for something more intensive, we have the equipment to fit your needs. Our staff consists of professionals that have experience dealing with patients of all ages, in all walks of life.

Beyond simple X-rays to scan larger parts of the body all at once, our staff excels at using ultrasound imaging treatments in our diagnostic appointments. These can be used to detect blockages in the flow of blood in soft tissue, as well as more typical scans of a pregnant woman’s fetus and the surrounding organs to ensure both mother and child’s health. They are great at targeting specific areas of the body to examine and because they use sound waves to map out the locales they are observing are much safer to use on developing fetuses than X-rays and other similar diagnostic tests.

… And the Specialists Trained to Use It

We are also able to run more extensive diagnostic tests, such as electrocardiogram, that take more specialized equipment and experienced specialists to execute and interpret. If you are in need of a specific specialized test, ask us if it’s a service we provide. If we don’t provide it ourselves, we’re in a good position to be able to refer you to a specialist that we trust will be able to!

From the soon-to-be mothers who trust us to handle their prenatal care to hospice patients in the last moments of their lives, we have experience in helping to diagnose what ails you, and formulate a plan to work on improving, restoring, or helping extend your quality of life. Our ability to schedule same-day doctor appointments means that you may not have to wait for a diagnosis and can get back on the road to recovery in no time at all!

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