Same-Day Emergency Medical Care

Because of our person-centered approach to medicine, we are an excellent choice for families with young children. We understand that they might be terrified and hurting, and why because of that they may not be in the mood to cooperate. Our staff is patient, empathetic, and uniquely equipped for helping to make your children feel better, both physically and emotionally.

Even if your emergency is more inconvenient than it is seriously debilitating, our entire team of dedicated and compassionate family health providers are on standby to meet your needs the minute you pick up your phone to call. A severe case of allergies, for example, can be enough to seriously disrupt your workday if not addressed immediately.

You-Centric Care

Our staff — made up of three medical doctors, one physician assistant, one nurse practitioner, and a whole host of expert technician and administrative support — make sure to treat every member of your family like one of ours. Whatever brings you into El Dorado Clinic, you can be sure that you will receive quick, effective, and more importantly, personalized treatment that has been hand-crafted by a specialist who took the time to speak with you about your needs. This person-centered, family-oriented approach is what really sets El Dorado Clinic apart as a medical clinic. Of course, the full-service lab, our ability to write convenient next-door referrals, and the fact that we have a doctor on-call after hours make us superbly reliable, too.

If a small-seeming injury is more complicated than it initially appears, we are conveniently attached to the Susan B. Anthony Memorial Hospital.