We understand that the aging process can be frustrating. A long life weighs on everyone a little differently: some approach old age gracefully and only require help in maintaining their health as they age; others, as a result of old injuries, disease, or disability, require much more help in maintaining their quality of life for as long as possible. Our ability to provide same-day appointments gives us the adaptability to adjust those strategies on the fly and to adjust any part of a plan that isn’t working the way it should. Whether recovering from an injury, keeping everything in working order, or helping those in hospice to feel more comfortable in their last days, the El Dorado Clinic has earned their place as a trusted, reliable source of geriatric care.

Compassionate Medical Care for Seniors

Delivered with the Utmost Care, Compassion, and Understanding

As parts of the body that have worked perfectly all of one’s life start working less efficiently and then stop working altogether, navigating a new normal can seem an impossible task. It can be hard to convince someone that they just don’t have the same capabilities as they did when they were younger and that they need to adapt to their new reality. As anyone with elderly parents or grandparents can attest, this news is not always well-received. You need specialists on your side who are trained in handling these sorts of situations and are motivated to provide the best health care possible for your loved ones. The staff at the El Dorado Clinic are experienced in dealing with these tough conversations and prepared to do what is best for the patient, even if the best care plan for the patient isn’t the most popular one with them at that moment.

We’re Here For You

From infancy to old age, our entire dedicated medical team, is here to provide the best health care for you and your whole family. Whatever your elderly loved ones’ needs, El Dorado Clinic’s specialists are trained to help you form a comprehensive medical plan to help guide them through their twilight years.